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Tell EVERYONE to watch star crossed tonight to get our ratings up so it can be renewed for a second season. Even if you don’t watch it can you please just switch out TV’s on to the CW between 8pm - 9pm tonight. It’s very important thank you (plus tonight’s episode is a really special one for romery so tune in also keep rebolgging to get this message out there )



For the Orphan Black season premiere I’m going to be watching with my parents (and maybe Kelley? I WILL GET YOU HOOKED!) and during the commercials I’ll be texting my feelings with all my friends that got addicted during the hiatus. But after the episode ends I will have to go strait to bed because I have to be up for work at 4:30 in the morning. I hope my other opener doesn’t mind hearing all about my Orphan Black thoughts and feels. 

Tell us about YOUR #OBS2 Premiere Plans.

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